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Forks Township Fire Department, located in Easton, Pennsylvania, has been providing professional fire services since 1945. The fire department has an apparatus that includes seven different fire response vehicles, a mobile command vehicle, and a mobile cascade.

"Past, Present and Future of the Community Fire Company of Forks Township"

Just after WWII started, the Civil Defense of Northampton County asked, R. "Wes" Anders and the Babp Family of Forks Township, for help organize a Fire Department. With the help of the City of Easton Fire Department and the County, the Forks Township Volunteer Fire Department was formed. The original firehouse was the old blacksmith shop on Kesslersville Rd.

After WWII was over, the Civil Defense of Northampton County wanted to disband the volunteer fire department. Wes and the other volunteer firefighters went before the county and the township and asked to stay together. Everyone agreed, and on June 5th 1945, the 31 founding members formed the Forks Township Volunteer Fire Department.

In the 1950’s the Forks Township Volunteer Fire Department became one of the largest fire companies in Eastern Pennsylvania. Then, being housed at the present day, Fire House Plaza. Boasting a social membership of almost 4000 and almost 100 active volunteer firefighters. This enabled the Fire Company to become one of the wealthiest volunteer organizations in the State of Pennsylvania, at the time. Having such a large membership to pool resources from enabled the volunteers to have a yearly carnival, circus, banquets and other fundraising events. All these efforts raised money to purchase fire fighting equipment and apparatus.

In 1963, the IRS fined the Forks Township Volunteer Fire Department for not filing tax returns. Unable to pay the penalties, the volunteers were forced to close the firehouse. All the equipment and apparatus was seized. An auction was held shortly after and the Township of Forks was given some of the fire fighting equipment. Thus, forming the present day, Forks Township Fire Department.

On February 24th 1964, a small but dedicated group of original members founded the present day, Community Fire Company of Forks Township. The Forks Township Board of Supervisors, officially designated the Community Fire Company of Forks Township to supply the manpower needed to operate the Forks Township Fire Department. 

Today, the Community Fire Company of Forks Township has over 40 volunteer firefighters.

The future of the Community Fire Company of Forks Township looks bright. We have good leadership, good people, and a working relationship with the township we serve.

We all have ideas of what the future will bring; more emergency calls, more severe natural disasters, an increase in population, and fewer volunteers, to answer the alarms.Therefore, a renewed focus on volunteer recruitment and retention has become a top priority within Fire Company.

Through it all, we are proud of our heritage, our history, and proud to be volunteer firefighters, "Forks Townships' Bravest."

--Ken Janis”

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